Musk Taps NBCU Exec With Ties To The World Economic Forum To Run Twitter

Musk Photo Source: The Royal Society Duncan.Hull |

Reports are emerging that Linda Yaccarino, an executive at NBCUniversal, is being considered for the position of CEO of Twitter. Anonymous sources have revealed that Yaccarino is in talks with the social media giant, but Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who announced on Thursday that he had hired a woman to replace him, has declined to confirm or deny these reports.

Yaccarino has over a decade of experience at NBCUniversal, where she has focused on finding the most effective methods for measuring advertising success. She also serves as the Chairman of the World Economic Forum’s Taskforce on Future of Work. Many have noted that Yaccarino frequently “likes” content from Musk and some of his top allies on Twitter, and this has led to speculation that she may be a strong candidate to take over the CEO position.

Musk himself has previously hinted that remaining CEO of Twitter long-term may not be the best option for him. In December of last year, he conducted a Twitter poll asking users if he should step down from the position. The majority of voters – 57.5% – said that he should resign as CEO, and Musk subsequently promised to do so once a suitable replacement was found.

The position of CEO of Twitter is a highly sought-after role, with the social media giant boasting an audience of over 330 million active users. The company has been under intense scrutiny over the past few years due to issues around hate speech, election interference, and user safety. Finding the right candidate to lead Twitter into the future will be crucial to its ongoing success.