Netanyahu’s Stern Warning: Actions Against Hamas ‘Will Reverberate for Generations’

Israel Iron Dome | Source:

In a recent development, Israeli forces continued their aggressive campaign in Gaza, specifically targeting areas in Gaza City, known to be the administrative hub for Hamas.

Early Tuesday witnessed an intensified aerial assault on central Gaza City, following a declaration from Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. In a broadcasted statement, Netanyahu emphasized, “Our actions against Hamas have just begun.” He further warned of repercussions that would leave a lasting impact, stating, “The measures we take now will be remembered by our adversaries for a long time.”

To minimize civilian casualties, Israel has been sending out alerts to residents in the targeted zones of Gaza City and its surroundings, granting them a brief window to evacuate.

In response, Hamas issued a stern warning, threatening to execute any captured Israelis if the airstrikes were to harm civilians without prior notice. Reports indicate that over 150 Israeli soldiers and civilians are currently held captive by Hamas in Gaza.

The conflict shows no signs of de-escalation, with speculations about Israel potentially initiating a ground offensive to eliminate Hamas from Gaza.

By Tuesday morning, the Israeli defense forces announced that they had reestablished control over regions adjacent to the Gaza Strip border, areas that had been compromised during the unexpected assault on Saturday.

Furthermore, the Israeli military reported the retrieval of approximately 1,500 bodies of Hamas fighters within Israeli borders. The ongoing conflict, which erupted four days ago, has resulted in a tragic loss of around 1,600 lives. This was triggered by a sudden incursion by Hamas militants across the Gaza-Israel boundary, leading to assaults on various settlements.

For the first time in many years, Israel witnessed direct confrontations on its streets.