New British PM Calls to Unleash Domestic Energy Production

Policy Exchange

British Prime Minister Liz Truss called to increase domestic energy production by opening drilling in the North Sea and building more nuclear power plants to solve soaring energy prices challenging Great Britain residents.

The new prime minister is unlike Joe Biden, who halted gas and oil production on public lands, revoked the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline as soon as he took office, and suspended the oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuges 1002 area in June 2021. Instead, Truss embraced the plight of Britain’s citizenry and answered with long-term solutions to their need by encouraging domestic energy production.

“I understand that people across our country are struggling with the cost of living and they’re struggling with their energy bills,” Truss told the House of Commons. “And that is why I, as Prime Minister, will take immediate action to help people with the cost of their energy bills.”

The new leader pointed to immediate support to help Brits get through the winter but added that meeting the immediate need wasn’t enough; the future mandated a long-term plan.

“But we can’t just deal with today’s problem,” she said. “We can’t just put a sticking plaster on it. What we need to do is increase our energy supplies long-term and that is why we will open up more supply in the North Sea, which the honorable gentleman has opposed; that is why we will build more nuclear power stations, which the Labor party didn’t do when they were in office, and that is why we will get on with delivering the supply as well as helping people through the winter.”

Truss was recently installed as prime minister after the former prime minister, Boris Johnson, stepped down amid fallout for “breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules.”