‘No, The Border Is Not Secure’ – Border Democrat Responds To Biden Admin Claims

Henry Cuellar | Source U.S. Department of Agriculture

Responding to reports released by the Department of Homeland security (DHS), Democrat Texas Representative Henry Cuellar admitted the border between the United States and Mexico is not secure.

The DHS report, which was released Friday, said there were 277,547 of “encounters” with migrants in September alone.

Cuellar, whose district borders Mexico, was interviewed during the most-recent episode of Fox News Sunday responded to Vice President Kamala Harris saying the border was secure. Cuellar said, “First of all, no, the border is not secure. When you have 1.7 million individuals last year, and now another 2.7, that’s over 4.5 million individuals encounter at the border, plus the — if you add the getaways, that’s going to be over 5 million individuals in just two years. No, the border is secure — it’s not secured and we’ve got to make sure that we have repercussions there.”

So far, for the year of 2022, DHS has noted 2,378,944 alien encounters. This surpasses any number recorded in DHS’ history.