Over 205,000 Removed From Wisconsin Voter Rolls

On Wednesday, Wisconsin election officials said that they had removed over 205,000 names from the state’s official voter rolls.

Of those who were removed 174,000 had reportedly not voted in the past four years.

Meagan Wolfe, election commission’s administrator said in a statement, “Many of the deactivated voters have moved and can re-register at their new address. Some of the voters had died and a few others asked to have their registrations canceled.”

The removal of these names comes from a 2019 notice that was mailed out to 232,000 registered voters. A large group of those who had received the notice did respond and have their information changed.

The state’s election commission had decided to conduct a thorough review of voter rolls, once the 2020 election had been concluded in the state. This is in accordance to the state’s laws which require a review of voter rolls every two years.

Wolf said in regards to the voter role alteration,  “The process is designed to ensure the integrity of the active voter list. It is not designed to keep any active voter’s name off the poll list.”

According to the Epoch Times, in August, Wisconsin has 3.5 million voters registered in the state. 3.29 million votes were cast in the 2020 Presidential Election.