Poll Reveals Trump’s Edge Over Biden on Key Presidential Qualities as Election Nears


A recent NBC poll highlights President Joe Biden’s declining approval in key areas compared to former President Donald Trump, as the U.S. approaches the next presidential election. This decline spans several categories including crisis management, presidential track record, competence, and health.

Why It Matters

The shift in public confidence towards Trump over Biden signifies crucial concerns about leadership effectiveness and national stability.

Who It Impacts

This shift in polling impacts American voters who are evaluating the competence and vision of their future leader, particularly those concerned with the economic and health capabilities of the presidency.


As the November presidential election draws nearer, a recent NBC News survey conducted by National Political Correspondent Steve Kornacki during an appearance on “Meet The Press” has revealed significant shifts in public opinion favoring former President Donald Trump over current President Joe Biden. The poll, discussed with host Kristen Welker, showed Trump leading Biden in multiple critical aspects, signaling potential trouble for the Biden campaign.

In the detailed breakdown of the poll, Trump outperformed Biden in categories crucial for presidential approval. Notably, Trump led Biden 46%-42% on “Handling A Crisis” and 46%-39% on having a “Strong Record as President”. Additionally, Trump was seen as more “Competent & Effective”, leading 47%-36%. The gap widened in economic issues, with Trump leading 52%-30% on “Dealing With Inflation & Cost of Living”, and surpassed Biden significantly in “Necessary Mental/Physical Health”, scoring 45%-26% in his favor.

These results suggest a decline in confidence in Biden’s leadership since the 2020 election, where he previously held advantages in competency and crisis management. Kornacki described these findings as “troubling” for Biden, indicating an erosion of public confidence on several fronts. However, Kornacki also pointed out that the numbers brought to light some concerns for Trump, despite his leads in key areas.

The poll did highlight some strengths for Biden, particularly in areas like abortion and uniting the country, albeit these were not overwhelmingly in his favor. In a direct comparison, Trump narrowly led Biden 46%-44% in another head-to-head matchup, with the margin between them narrowing over recent months. This coincides with a slight improvement in Biden’s job approval rating, though it still lags behind those of other recent presidents.

Adding an independent candidate to the mix, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., reshaped the competitive landscape. In this scenario, Biden took the lead with 39%, Trump followed at 37%, and Kennedy captured 13% of the vote. Notably, it appeared that Trump voters were more likely to switch their allegiance to Kennedy than Biden voters.

Despite some areas of concern for Trump, the headline remains the shift in voter confidence towards him and away from Biden, especially on key issues like economic management and personal health capabilities. This change underscores a broader narrative of dissatisfaction with the current administration’s handling of pressing national issues.

While both candidates show strengths and weaknesses, the emerging data from NBC’s poll suggests a critical examination of Biden’s capability to govern effectively as perceived by the electorate. With significant concerns about economic issues and leadership competencies driving voter sentiment, this election could pivot on the candidates’ ability to convince the public of their readiness to address these pivotal challenges.