President Biden Criticized for Exiting Medal of Honor Ceremony Before Closing Prayer


Emotions flared up when footage surfaced showing President Biden departing a Medal of Honor ceremony before the benediction.

The ceremony was held at the White House to honor retired U.S. Army Captain Larry Taylor for his valor during the Vietnam War. The 81-year-old veteran was recognized for a daring helicopter rescue mission in 1968, where he saved four comrades from almost certain death.

President Biden recounted the harrowing details of Taylor’s mission during the ceremony, emphasizing the perilous conditions under which Taylor operated. After awarding the medal, Biden left the stage, seemingly exiting the ceremony before the closing prayer was read. This left Taylor alone on stage during the benediction.

The departure was noted as unusual, especially when compared to previous Medal of Honor ceremonies where Biden stayed on stage until the event’s formal end. Social media users were quick to express their disapproval, with some accusing the President of disrespecting the military and the honoree.

The White House has yet to comment on the incident, which has sparked a flurry of online discussions. Critics argue that the President’s premature exit was disrespectful, while others question whether it may be indicative of cognitive issues. The incident has certainly ignited a debate about presidential decorum during significant national events.