Republican Victory In Wisconsin – Controversial ‘Drop Boxes’ Vastly Restricted In Battle Ground State

Yinan Chen

In a continued push for election integrity, Wisconsin’s Supreme Court handed down a restricting the use of the controversial (and democrat-supported) ballot “drop boxes” within the state.

According to the ruling, these boxes can only be located within election offices. The ruling also said, no one but the actual voter can use the box.

The ruling, however, does not indicate if these restrictions apply to mail-in voting.

This is a clear win for Republicans of the battleground state. Since the 2020 election, conservatives have alleged vast voter fraud operations taking place in their state. In what some have termed “ballot harvesting,” they claim permissive laws allow for illegitimate votes to be cast, with little-to-no supervision or recourse.

However, Democrats have argued these types of limitations are making it more difficult for marginalized groups to vote. They say that the drop boxes are preferred because it ensures these ballots are delivered directly to officials and do not rely on the postal service.

In the 2020 Presidential election, Wisconsin went to former vice president Joe Biden by a margin of 21,000 votes.