Ron DeSantis Blasts Biden Administration For Blocking Popular Antibody Treatment

The Former Vice President’s administration and the FDA have removed the authorization for two monoclonal antibodies, prompting the closing of monoclonal treatment sites in the State of Florida.

The FDA defended its decision by stating the treatments “are highly unlikely to be active against the omicron variant.”

Responding to the news, Florida’s Health Department said “Florida disagrees with the decision that blocks access to any available treatments in the absence of clinical evidence.”

Florida’s Health Department notified the public that the FDA’s decision is forcing monoclonal antibody treatment sites will be closed.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took to Twitter to express his dissaproval.

DeSantis’ office released a statement on the Governor’s official website entitled ”

Governor DeSantis Condemns Biden Administration’s Haphazard Decision to Revoke Authorization of Lifesaving Monoclonal Antibody Treatments