Sen.Tom Cotton: Biden Administration of Acting Like “Lovestruck Teenagers” in Dealing With China

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Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) has criticized the Biden administration for their dealings with China, accusing officials of acting like “lovestruck teenagers” in their interactions with Communist leaders. Speaking on Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday” with host Shannon Bream, Cotton expressed his concerns about recent incidents involving Chinese warships near Taiwan and the Chinese government’s refusal to meet with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in Singapore.

Bream also asked Cotton about the administration’s potential plans to lift tariffs on China and how they are managing the US-China relationship. The senator responded by calling the administration’s actions “embarrassing” and “pathetic,” arguing that such behavior encourages China to engage in aggressive behavior.

Cotton added that reducing tariffs would send the same message to China, saying it projects weakness and encourages the country to engage in activities such as spying and aircraft incursions. The Senator further emphasized the importance of a strong military capability in deterring China, Iran, and Russia.

“That’s one of the core lessons of history,” he said. “Disarmament by countries like Great Britain and the United States encouraged German ambitions and ultimately aggression.”
The senator’s comments come amid increasingly hostile rhetoric and actions between the US and China. The Biden administration has vowed to take a tough stance on issues such as human rights abuses, trade, and national security against China.