Senator Cotton Condemns Biden Administration’s Response to Iranian-Backed Attacks

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Senator Tom Cotton has taken a sharp stance against the Biden administration’s handling of attacks on U.S. troops by Iranian-backed militants. According to the senator, the response has been far from satisfactory, with targets often being irrelevant infrastructure such as empty warehouses or buildings in remote locations.


In a Senate floor speech, Senator Cotton conveyed his disapproval of the administration’s approach. He argued that the selected targets for retaliation have been, in almost every case, empty buildings or warehouses located in isolated areas, implying that these strikes lack strategic value and do not deter future attacks. The senator’s speech is available for review on his official Senate page.

Cotton further asserted that the administration’s appeasement of Iran has directly resulted in American casualties. He released a statement following an attack in Jordan by Iran-backed militants, emphasizing the need for a potent retaliation to prevent further loss of American lives. This statement can be found on the official website of Senator Cotton.

The Biden administration’s response to the Iranian attacks has also been criticized by other Republicans. Senator Lindsey Graham described the response as “weak”, expressing his disappointment via a tweet. The administration’s reaction to the attacks has been under severe scrutiny, as reported by the New York Post.

As reported by The Hill, the recent drone strike in Jordan that resulted in the death of three U.S. troops has put the Biden administration in a difficult position. The attack was carried out by Iranian-backed militant groups, adding more pressure on the administration to formulate a firm response.

President Biden, as per reports by the New York Times and USA Today, has reassured the public that he has decided on how to respond to the recent attack in Jordan. However, the specifics of this response have not been disclosed. The President’s decision-making process has been carefully calibrated since the initial attacks by the Iranian-backed militias in October.

Public figures and media outlets have had varied reactions to the administration’s handling of the situation. President Trump, in a statement released on Sunday night, criticized the current administration’s approach, claiming that Iran was weak and under control three years ago. Newsmax’s Greg Kelly also expressed his disapproval of the Biden administration’s response to the drone strike.

Senator Cotton’s critique of the Biden administration’s response echoes the sentiments of many conservatives. His comments can be found on his Twitter account. The situation remains fluid as the Biden administration continues to weigh its options for retaliation.