Senator Tim Scott Proposes Nikki Haley’s Withdrawal from Republican Primary

Tim Scott | Source:

During a recent interview with ABC News, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) suggested that former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley should consider withdrawing from the Republican Party’s presidential primary. He cited two key reasons for his stance: the overwhelming media attention garnered by former President Donald Trump and the strong polling numbers favoring Trump.

Scott shared his thoughts on the matter in a conversation with Martha Raddatz on ABC’s “This Week.” When asked why he thought Haley should step down, Scott pointed out the significant media coverage Trump continues to receive. “Number one, Donald Trump gets more earned media, probably a billion dollars already, because of who he is and what’s going on around him,” he stated.

The second reason, according to Scott, lies in the poll numbers, which indicate a substantial lead for Trump over Haley. Even though Trump’s campaign spending in Iowa and New Hampshire may have been less than his opponents, Scott noted that the enthusiasm for the former president in South Carolina is unparalleled. Polls suggest that Trump is leading by 20 points, and Scott predicts an even higher win margin.

Scott observed that it has been clear for months that Republicans, conservatives, and numerous independents are leaning towards “four more years of Donald Trump.” He was particularly impressed by Trump’s strong support among millennial voters, where he won by a 20-point gap, and among women in New Hampshire, where he outperformed Haley despite the state’s liberal leanings.

Speaking further, Scott highlighted the growing support for the Republican party among traditionally Democratic demographics. He referenced the increased interest of African Americans in the Republican party, surpassing 20 percent, and Hispanic support reaching over 40 percent. Given these trends, Scott believes this is an opportune time to run as a Republican.