Some Gen Z Job Seekers Are Bringing Parents to Interviews: Study

According to a recent survey, some employers are hesitant to hire recent college graduates due to their perceived lack of professionalism and entitlement.

The survey, conducted by Intelligent, an online magazine focused on student life, polled 800 managers, directors, and executives involved in hiring in the US.

The survey found that 39% of employers preferred to hire older job seekers over recent college graduates. One of the reasons cited for this preference was that young professionals often failed to make a good first impression during job interviews. Many employers noted that young recruits struggled to make eye contact, asked for unreasonable compensation, and arrived in inappropriate attire. Surprisingly, almost 20% of employers reported that a recent college grad had even brought a parent to a job interview.

In response to their preference for older job seekers, many employers expressed a willingness to offer more benefits and higher salaries. Sixty percent of employers said they would provide additional benefits to attract older professionals, while 59% would offer higher salaries. Additionally, 48% of employers said they would allow remote or hybrid-working opportunities, and 46% would be open to hiring overqualified candidates.

The survey also revealed that young professionals have gained a reputation for being difficult to work with. Nearly two-thirds of employers agreed that recent college grads were entitled, while 58% stated that they get offended too easily. Furthermore, more than half of the employers believed that recent grads are unprepared for the workforce and struggle with communication skills and receiving feedback.

The concerns raised by employers about the younger generation’s ability to adapt to corporate life are not isolated. Major firms like PWC, Deloitte, and KPMG have expressed similar apprehensions about Gen Z recruits who graduated during the pandemic. To address these concerns, these companies have offered additional classes on soft skills such as email etiquette, professional attire, and teamwork.

As Gen Z continues to enter the workforce, it is important for both employers and young professionals to bridge the gap and find common ground to ensure a successful transition into the corporate world.