States Fight Back: Arizona AG Blasts Biden Admin For Trying To Block A ‘Proof Of Citizenship’ Voting Requirement


While speaking with Fox News on Wednesday, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich went after the Biden administration’s attempt to stop Arizona’s law that requires those voting in a national election to present proof of citizenship.

Brnovich noted Biden’s continued overstepping his power by meddling in how states conduct their affairs. He said, “Now the Biden administration is suing our state just because we have a requirement that if you want to vote in a presidential election or if you want to vote by mail, you have to show proof of citizenship.”

Brnovich went on to comment on how not checking to see if people can legally vote in the United States would ultimately benefit the Biden Administration. He said, “The Biden administration has incentivized and decriminalized people coming into this country illegally, and now they don’t want Arizona to check for citizenship. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or even an astronaut to figure out what’s going on here with the Biden administration.”

Brnovich’s reaction come after Biden’s justice department announced that it will be suing Arizona, in an attempt to overturn the law. The statement, released by the DOJ, said in part,

“House Bill 2492’s onerous documentary proof of citizenship requirement for certain federal elections constitutes a textbook violation of the National Voter Registration Act,” said Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. “For nearly three decades, the National Voter Registration Act has helped to move states in the right direction by eliminating unnecessary requirements that have historically made it harder for eligible voters to access the registration rolls. Arizona has passed a law that turns the clock back on progress by imposing unlawful and unnecessary requirements that would block eligible voters from the registration rolls for certain federal elections. The Justice Department will continue to use every available tool to protect all Americans’ right to vote and to ensure that their voices are heard.”

According to Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey, there were an estimated 11,600 ballots cast in Arizona’s election that were both federal-only and required no proof of citizenship.