Sunday Morning Blame Game: COVID Vaccination-Delays Blamed On Trump Administration

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Over 1 million COVID vaccinations per day; that is what the Trump administration helped set up for Americans, before leaving office. Now the Biden administration is saying there are delays that are being caused by the previous administration.

Speaking to Meet the Press this morning, the White House Chief of Staff described the state of COVID vaccination plans set up by the Trump administration as being non-existent saying it, “did not really exist when we came into the White House.”

Biden’s nominee for Health and Human Services is placing any blame on any inefficiencies regarding COVID vaccinations squarely on Trump saying, “The plane is in a nosedive. And, we’ve got to pull it up.”

These comments come after Biden’s directive to provide 100 million vaccinations during his first 100 days. Since America was on track to meet that goal before he took office, it doesn’t seem like that goal should be too difficult to reach.

When considered within the context of a world-wide pandemic, the rapid development of effective vaccinations, and distribution of those vaccinations, is an incredible Trump-administration achievement.

While we certainly want our nation to be safe, healthy and financially-sound, it would be nice if we could get there without politicizing the effort to get there.