Texas Governor Abbott Defies Biden Administration with Rio Grande Barrier

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has thrown down the gauntlet to the Biden administration, demanding proof that the federal government has invested more in border security than the state of Texas.

This challenge was issued during a speech in Georgetown, Texas, amidst a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) against the state over a floating barrier on the Rio Grande.

The barrier, part of Operation Lone Star, is a series of spinning buoys designed to deter illegal crossings. Governor Abbott staunchly defended this initiative, asserting that it was effectively preventing illegal entry into Texas. However, the DOJ has raised concerns about the legality of the barrier and potential humanitarian issues it may cause.

Governor Abbott’s challenge to the federal government underscores his commitment to border security and his dissatisfaction with the Biden administration’s efforts in this area. He has called on the federal government to demonstrate that it has invested as much in border security in Texas as the state has since President Biden took office.

The DOJ’s lawsuit against Texas alleges that the state’s floating barrier violates the Rivers and Harbors Appropriation Act of 1899, a law that prohibits obstructions to the navigable capacity of U.S. waters without congressional approval. Despite this, Governor Abbott remains resolute, vowing to do whatever is necessary to protect Texas from illegal immigration and drug cartels.

This legal battle underscores the ongoing tension between the federal government and states like Texas over immigration policy and border security.