“They All Trust China” – Rep. McCarthy Blasts Dem’s Stance On The Origin Of COVID

Demanding answers about the origins of COVID-19, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy blasted his democrat counterparts for their soft stance (and sometimes preferential) towards the CCP.

Speaking with Fox News, he said, “We will never fully recover if we do not rebuild and get the answers from this…Democrats, you’ve got movie stars, you’ve got the NBA, you’ve got Big Tech, you’ve got mainstream media. They all trust China.”

“Republicans know the truth. These Democrats were so desperate to disagree with Donald Trump, they ignored the truth. And let me give you a little personal experience. I spent eight months communicating with the Democrat leadership to create a China task force that was bipartisan, equal number [of] Republicans, an equal number of Democrats.”

McCarthy went on to say, “They finally agreed. We’d locked it down. We even had The Washington Post come in to interview. [We were] about to announce it and they pulled back. You know why? ‘Cause they felt that may give a benefit to Donald Trump because what was happening with COVID.”

He continued, “Now it all seems to come to fruition. Why were they so afraid? They put politics before the lives of American citizens.”

McCarthy’s comments come after recent reports that it is likely COVID-19 probably originated from the Wuhan laboratory. Before these revelations came to light, nearly all media and social media companies banned questioning the overarching narrative that the Coronavirus originated naturally.