“This Conversation Shouldn’t Be About The Numbers” – AOC Discusses The Dems $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan

When appearing on CBS on Sunday, Democrat Representative Ocasio-Cortez (NY) said the main problem passing the progressive $3.5 trillion spending plan is that people are too focused on how much it is.

When asked if a compromised $2 trillion budget was acceptable to her, AOC said, “So here’s where I think the problem is. It’s that when we talk about top-line numbers, there’s a lot that is hidden in that discussion. And so the reason why this conversation shouldn’t be about numbers, but it should be about what substantive programs are willing to be excluded or that–”

Host Margaret Brennan said, “That’s coming from the White House.”

AOC said, “Yeah, but the White House isn’t making the demands to exclude universal childcare or universal pre-K. The budget bill that House progressives are trying to fight for, the Biden Build Back Better agenda, includes universal pre-K, free community college, expansion of Medicare; we’re fighting for expansion of Medicaid. And these are the things that we are saying, in addition to the very real climate threat that we have, emissions reductions, are worth standing up for.”