Tom Cotton Raises Concerns Over Secret Service Investigation, Calls for New Leadership

Tom Cotton | Source:

Lawmaker Tom Cotton expressed deep concerns over the Secret Service’s handling of an investigation in response to a letter he had sent. “We’ve got no answers,” Cotton lamented, citing the agency’s history of challenges and suggesting a need for new leadership.

The seriousness of the matter was emphasized as Cotton contemplated the potential implications if the incident involved anthrax. He criticized the swift closure of the investigation and raised doubts about the thoroughness of the interviews, including the omission of questioning the president’s son, who is known to have struggled with cocaine addiction.

Drawing a vivid analogy, Cotton likened the situation to the Hamburglar residing in the White House, where the disappearance of hamburgers remained unresolved without any identified suspects or questioning.

He asserted that since the Secret Service has information on individuals passing through the doors, they should be interviewed as well.

To address the issue seriously, Cotton proposed that the president demand drug testing for everyone entering the White House, utilizing hair testing samples to identify recent cocaine use. Expressing skepticism, he characterized the incident as another alleged cover-up under the Biden administration.