Trump Blasts Biden, Newsom for Handling of UCLA Protests

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Former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden and California Governor Gavin Newsom for their handling of anti-Israel protests at UCLA, calling it a “radical left revolution.” This incident reflects the growing divide between conservatives and liberals over campus protests and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Why It Matters

This issue matters as it exemplifies the ideological divide in America, highlighting the left’s influence on college campuses and their responses to international conflicts.

Who It Impacts

The incident impacts American citizens, especially those who are concerned about the direction of campus protests and their potential to lead to violence or lawlessness.

On Thursday, former President Donald Trump publicly criticized President Joe Biden and California Governor Gavin Newsom for their response to the recent anti-Israel protests at UCLA. Trump’s criticism, delivered via his social media network, Truth Social, labeled the protests as a “radical left revolution” and questioned the silence of both Biden and Newsom amidst the escalating tensions.

Biden has not issued a direct statement on the protests at UCLA. However, the White House released a statement from Assistant Press Secretary Andrew Bates, condemning the occupation of Hamilton Hall by protesters at Columbia University. Bates emphasized Biden’s consistent stance against antisemitic rhetoric, including the use of the term “intifada” by protesters.

Newsom’s response came in the wake of violent clashes between counter-protesters and anti-Israel demonstrators at UCLA’s campus. Newsom condemned the violence and emphasized that free speech does not extend to inciting lawlessness or violence. He stated that those who engage in such behavior should face consequences, including criminal prosecution, suspension, or expulsion.

The protests at UCLA and other universities across the country reflect the deepening divide between the political left and right over issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Trump’s criticism underscores the conservative perspective that the protests are indicative of a radical leftist agenda taking root in American institutions.

The incidents also raise broader questions about the balance between free speech and public order, especially on college campuses. The responses from both Biden and Newsom highlight differing approaches to addressing these tensions, with a focus on condemning violence and lawlessness while acknowledging the importance of lawful protest.