Trump Informed of Witnesses to Testify Against Him in Classified Information Case

Donald Trump | Source:

In a recent development, former U.S. President Donald Trump has been informed about the individuals who will be testifying against him in a federal case related to his handling of classified national defense information.

This information was disclosed by the Department of Justice (DOJ), which stated that it had shared the grand jury testimony of these witnesses with Trump and his legal team as part of the trial discovery process.

However, the identities of these witnesses and the content of their testimonies remain undisclosed to the public. The DOJ has also imposed a protective order, preventing Trump and his team from releasing any evidence received during the discovery process to the public or the media.

Federal Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart, who issued the order, stated that the discovery materials and any information derived from them should not be disclosed to the public, news media, or disseminated on any news or social media platform without prior notice to and consent of the United States or approval of the Court.

The order also stipulates that all documents must remain in the custody of the defense counsel in a secure manner and must be returned to the U.S. government or completely destroyed within 90 days of the case’s conclusion. The defendants are not allowed to retain any copies of the material but are permitted to take notes, which must also be securely stored.