Trump Mugshot Merchandise Sees Unprecedented Demand

Gage Skidmore

Retailers are witnessing a surge in demand for merchandise featuring the recent mugshot of former President Donald Trump. Richard Kligman, who owns two Trump-themed stores in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, expressed his astonishment at the overwhelming response. “In my four decades in retail, this demand is unparalleled. The Trump mugshot items are flying off the shelves,” Kligman shared with The Epoch Times.

Within hours of the mugshot’s release, Kligman’s stores produced a limited batch of T-shirts showcasing the image, which were promptly sold out. He remarked, “Our phones are ringing non-stop. Everyone wants merchandise with that mugshot.”

Kligman is gearing up to expand his inventory to include hats, decals, beer koozies, and flags, all adorned with the now-famous image. “The public is clamoring for anything featuring the Trump mugshot,” he added.

This trend isn’t limited to South Carolina. A Trump-themed store in Pennsylvania is also grappling with the soaring demand, awaiting shipments of similar merchandise. Lisa Von Deylen, the store manager in Bensalem, noted, “The only thing customers are asking for is the Trump mugshot merchandise.”

Online platforms like eBay have over a thousand listings related to the mugshot, including T-shirts, magnets, and mugs. Some sellers are even offering newspapers featuring the mugshot on their front page, with prices reaching up to $180. Other online marketplaces, such as Redbubble and Etsy, have vendors selling both pro-Trump and anti-Trump memorabilia with the image.

Von Deylen believes the mugshot resonates with many because it encapsulates the public’s sentiment. “The image evokes strong emotions. Many of our customers feel that it’s not just about Trump; they see themselves in that picture, feeling persecuted,” she explained.

The Trump 2024 campaign has also capitalized on the moment, using the mugshot to rally support and raise funds. The campaign’s website features the image with a plea for donations, emphasizing Trump’s commitment to his mission and challenging the circumstances of his arrest.

Merchandise on the campaign’s website includes long-sleeved shirts, beer koozies, and coffee mugs, all themed around the mugshot.

The photograph, taken at Georgia’s Fulton County jail on August 24, has historical significance as it marks the first instance of a former U.S. president having a mugshot. Trump, accused of conspiring to overturn his 2020 election loss in Georgia, has refuted the allegations.

Kligman is confident about the lasting impact of the image. “It’s a powerful photograph. I foresee it becoming one of the most iconic and best-selling images in the annals of merchandise history,” he concluded.