Trump Pledges, If Re-Elected, To Make Public ALL JFK Assassination Records

Former Donald Trump has asserted that if he is re-elected to the White House, he will release classified documents relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy was tragically assassinated in Dallas, Texas in 1963 and Lee Harvey Oswald, a former US Marine, was arrested for the assassination. However, he was shot dead by nightclub owner Jack Ruby before he could be tried in court.

The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 was introduced by former President George H.W. Bush with the intention of releasing all documents associated with the assassination. Unfortunately, many of these documents have been kept under wraps or delayed, leading to a significant number of conspiracy theories about the circumstances of Kennedy’s death.

During his first term in office, Trump oversaw the release of some documents but refused to make all of them public due to concerns about national security and foreign affairs. Similarly, President Joe Biden has not yet released all of the documents related to the assassination. While a few documents have been posted online recently, according to the National Archives, over 97% of the collection is already available.

In an interview with The Messenger, Trump was questioned about whether there was anything in the documents that would scare the public or “make the United States look terrible.” Trump responded, “Well, I don’t want to comment on that. But I will tell you that I have released a lot. I will release the remaining portion very early in my term.”

Recently, Robert Kennedy Jr., who is running for the Democratic Party’s 2024 nomination against Biden, has claimed that there is “overwhelming” evidence indicating that the CIA was involved in his uncle’s assassination. The CIA has denied these allegations, and it has published a study on its website debunking the theory that they were involved in the JFK killing.