Trump Speaks Tonight – Is This The Beginning Of His Next Campaign?

Donald Trump is set to give the keynote address tonight at this year’s CPAC conference. This would mark his first public appearance since leaving office.

According to an excerpt of his upcoming speech, Trump will publically announce that he will remain within the Republican party. This revelation puts to rest widespread speculation as to if the former Commander and Chief will start his own political party.

The speech is expected to run for about 90 min. and touch on various aspects of the current Biden administration such as the Keystone pipeline, Big Tech, and China. One source said Trump’s speech will sound like a campaign speech without formally announcing a campaign.

Trump’s appearance will continue on the perspective that the Republican party is the “Trump Party.” With nearly 1/3 of the GOP willing to leave if Trump would form his own party, it is clear to see why many on the right would like to see Trump’s brand strengthen the Republicans rather than take away from it.

No matter what commentators and spokespeople say, Trump’s appearance tonight will be the start of months (if not years) of speculation over if Trump running for President in 2024.