Trump’s Legal Team Calls for the Disqualification of DA Fani Willis in Georgia Election Case

Former President Donald Trump, through his legal team, has once again pressed for the Fulton County judge presiding over the Georgia election case to dismiss his indictment and disqualify District Attorney Fani Willis. This move comes in response to recent statements made by Willis at an Atlanta church, which Trump’s legal team argues were designed to prejudice the court against the defendants.

According to the Epoch Times, in their reply, submitted to the Fulton County Superior Court, Trump’s lawyers, Steve Sadow and Jennifer Little, reiterate their alignment with co-defendant Michael Roman’s request to disqualify both Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade. They contend that Willis’ comments were racially motivated and directly targeted the defendants.

Roman had previously accused Willis and Wade of engaging in a covert and improper relationship that greatly profited from this prosecution, at taxpayers’ expense. Willis responded last week, admitting to a personal relationship with Wade but denying any financial gain or rule violation resulting from her comments at the church.

Despite Willis’ denial, Trump’s legal team countered her assertion that her speech at the church event was unrelated to the case. In their statement, they labeled Willis’ claim as preposterous, disingenuous, and potentially an outright lie. They argued that it was an attempt to mislead the court and maintained that her comments were a direct response to Roman’s allegations.

During her speech at the Big Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Willis defended Wade’s qualifications and hiring. Trump’s lawyers interpreted her speech as an act of bad faith, arguing that it stirred racial tension and politicized the case. They contended that her comments could unduly influence potential jurors against the defendants.

Several individuals, including Trump, face charges of racketeering and other offenses for allegedly attempting to overturn the 2020 election. All defendants have pleaded not guilty, with Trump describing the charges as a ploy to disrupt the 2024 election and a continued attempt to damage him politically.

In the meantime, Ashleigh Merchant, representing Roman, has announced plans to issue subpoenas in the case, claiming she possesses evidence and witnesses to support Roman’s allegations. However, the motion provided little proof to substantiate these claims against Wade and Willis, who have not publicly refuted their relationship.