Trump’s South Carolina Rally: A Show of Strength with 50K Attendees in a Town of 3.4

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In a remarkable display of popularity, former President Donald Trump attracted an enormous crowd to his rally in the small town of Pickens, South Carolina.

The event, which took place on Saturday, saw an estimated 50,000 to 55,000 attendees, a number that far exceeds the town’s population of approximately 3,400. This was Trump’s second large-scale rally since March, signaling a return to the grand events that characterized his previous presidential campaigns.

The rally was held in the downtown area of Pickens, a location that was virtually taken over by the event. The crowd, which began to gather the night before the rally, was a testament to Trump’s enduring appeal among his supporters. Many of them, like Greg and Robin Pressley, had traveled for hours to attend the event, expressing their unwavering support for the former president.

The rally also featured speeches from Senator Lindsey Graham and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. The Make America Great Again Inc. PAC, in a statement, highlighted the unmatched enthusiasm for Trump, attributing it to his delivery on promises made to the American people during his tenure.

Despite facing several legal challenges, including an indictment on hush-money charges in New York and federal charges related to the retention of classified documents, Trump’s popularity among his base appears undiminished. The massive turnout at the South Carolina rally underscores his firm grip on the Republican Party and his continued dominance in the 2024 polls.

The event in Pickens marks a departure from Trump’s recent strategy of focusing on smaller events and frequent media appearances. However, the success of the rally suggests that the former president’s ability to draw large crowds remains intact, setting the stage for a potentially dynamic 2024 campaign.