Unexpected End to Biden’s Hanoi Presser Raises Eyebrows

Joe Biden speaking at the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit | Source: commons.wikimedia.org

In a recent press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre unexpectedly concluded the event while President Joe Biden was still addressing questions from journalists present.

As President Biden was addressing impromptu questions, Jean-Pierre intervened, stating, “Thank you everybody – this ends the press conference.” Although the president stayed briefly after her announcement, his subsequent response was not clearly audible.

Earlier in the conference, Biden had mentioned he would entertain five questions from the media. After addressing these, he humorously remarked, “I tell you what, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to bed.” Despite this, he continued to answer a few more questions, particularly about his conversation with Chinese Premier Li Qiang, before being interrupted by Jean-Pierre.

During the conference, Biden light-heartedly commented on the rigors of his trip, saying, “These five-day trips around the world are no problem.”

Before the abrupt end, the president provided an extended response explaining his use of the term “lying dog-faced pony soldier” to express his views on politicians who dismiss climate change.

This incident follows a recent CNN survey indicating that approximately 75% of Americans are apprehensive about how Biden’s age might impact his physical and cognitive abilities, as well as his potential for a subsequent term if re-elected. Supporters of Biden have downplayed these age-related concerns, highlighting his stamina during demanding international trips as evidence of his vitality.

In a conversation with CNN’s Jake Tapper last month, Jean-Pierre praised Biden’s unique approach to the presidency, stating, “no other president has been able to do” the job in the manner he has.

She further defended the president against age-related criticisms, emphasizing, “People have come after the president about his age… and guess what? He beats them every time,” attributing his success to his understanding of and commitment to addressing the needs of the American people.