Virginia Governor Youngkin Pardons Loudoun Father Over School Board Meeting Arrest

Nikki Haley and Glenn Youngkin | Source:

In a significant move, Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia has officially pardoned Scott Smith. Smith had previously been embroiled in a contentious incident during a school board gathering, which was linked to claims that the school’s head had not been transparent about an incident involving Smith’s daughter and another student.

According to the pardon’s details, Smith was attending a Loudoun County School Board session in June 2021 when he was confronted by an individual who threatened to spread damaging falsehoods about his business. This verbal altercation escalated, resulting in Smith’s subsequent arrest on charges including Obstruction of Justice. An initial conviction was handed down, but later developments raised questions about the legitimacy of the prosecution, prompting an appeals court to step in.

The official pardon document underscores Smith’s unjust treatment, pointing out that he was wrongly branded with terms like ‘domestic terrorist’ for merely standing up for his daughter, who had been a victim of a distressing incident. The broader community took notice of this case, with many parents voicing concerns that the educational establishment seemed to be sidelining student welfare in favor of other agendas. This sentiment was a factor in Youngkin’s rise to the governorship, as he vowed to champion these parents.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Smith expressed relief at the resolution, though he voiced concerns about the broader justice system, remarking, “That’s what should scare every American–is that I had to take this, because I could not trust our justice system.”

In related events, Wayde Byard, a spokesperson for Loudoun County Public Schools, faced legal scrutiny but was cleared of charges related to misleading communication. Byard had sent communications to parents, inaccurately attributing the reason for police presence and offering false assurances about student safety.

Smith shed light on the fact that during that fateful school board meeting in June 2021, his daughter had intended to recount her traumatic experience in the school’s restroom. However, a confrontation with an individual, Jackie Schworm, derailed those plans, leading to further altercations.

Media coverage of the incident, particularly images of Smith’s arrest, seemed to suggest a narrative of disruptive conservative parents. However, further inquiries revealed a more complex story, including the school’s alleged lack of transparency about the incident involving Smith’s daughter.

Looking ahead, Smith is contemplating pursuing legal avenues against those he believes wronged him, including the prosecutor and potentially the National School Boards Association.

Governor Youngkin’s decision to pardon Smith is in line with his campaign commitments, emphasizing the pivotal role of parents in the educational landscape. He is set to participate in a dialogue titled “Parents Matter” in Loudoun in the coming days.