WATCH: From SNL To Trump, Everyone Seems To Be Making Fun Of Biden These Days

Source: | Gage Skidmore

The so-called “gaffes” of Biden and Kamala Harris have been roundly mocked by both liberal and conservative outlets recently. And we’ve put together some of the best videos that have come out just in the past week or so.

During a MAGA event, Donald Trump played a highlight reel of all of Biden’s blunders. The video was described by conservative commentator Benny Johnson as a WWE-style gaffe reel.


The famously-liberal comedy show Saturday Night Live poked fun at Biden for saying “Made in America” phrase has two words.


Saturday Night Live also mocked how Biden’s continuous gaffes and confusion is getting more and more difficult for his supporters to justify.


The liberal talk show The Daily Show With Trevor Noah released a clip mocking Harris’ ability to create word salads out of thin air.