WATCH: ‘The View’ Co-Host Compares White Women Voting Republican To ‘Roaches’

Calls for “The View” to be canceled grew on Friday after co-host Sunny Hostin likened White suburban Republican women to “roaches voting for Raid.”

The comments, which are being labeled as racist, were made as the group discussed the upcoming midterm elections and the major issues influencing women’s voting choices.

Hostin said, “What’s also surprising to me is the abortion issue. I read a poll just yesterday that White Republican suburban women are now going to vote Republican. It’s almost like roaches voting for Raid, right?”


Sunny’s comments are related to a recent Wall Street Journal poll that showed a significant shift among White suburban women moving toward Republicans. This demographic has been a key part of the Democratic party, particuarily during the Trump-era.

Causes for the shift, according to the report, are concerns over the economy and inflation. Back in August, this demographic favored Democrats by 12 points. However, this momentum has shifted to 15 points in favor of Republicans.