White House in Hot Water After Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Crumbles


In a recent press conference, Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Press Secretary, found herself in the hot seat as she was bombarded with questions regarding Hunter Biden’s legal situation.

Jean-Pierre attempted to deflect these inquiries by emphasizing Hunter Biden’s status as a private citizen and referring further questions to the Department of Justice and Hunter Biden’s legal team.

Jean-Pierre was questioned about President Biden’s knowledge and involvement in his son’s business dealings. Despite repeated queries, she maintained that she had nothing to add to her previous statements on the matter.

The press secretary also faced questions about Hunter Biden’s gun-related legal issues and the president’s stance on illegal firearm possession. Jean-Pierre chose not to comment on this, stating that it was a matter for the Department of Justice.

As the press conference continued, Jean-Pierre was further pressed about the White House’s apparent shift in language regarding the president’s interactions with his son over his business dealings.

Despite the intense scrutiny, Jean-Pierre remained steadfast in her responses, continually referring to the Department of Justice and Hunter Biden’s legal team for further information.