‘World Will Be Truly on Fire’ – Lindsey Graham Warns of Dire Consequences Under Continued Biden Presidency

In a recent statement, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) voiced his concerns about the potential consequences of another term under President Biden. The senator’s comments were in response to former Rep. Liz Cheney’s remarks suggesting that a second term for former President Trump would be detrimental.

Graham acknowledged that Trump’s words and actions could be contentious, but argued that his results as president were superior to those of Biden. He warned that if Biden’s administration continues for another four years, the US and the world at large would be unrecognizable, with the “world…truly on fire.”

Further elaborating on his position, Graham articulated his belief that a continued Biden presidency would have disastrous implications for both domestic tranquility and international peace. He cited the current condition of the US border as an example, claiming that Trump is the only one capable of rectifying the situation.

He also pointed out that during Trump’s presidency, issues such as the Ukraine crisis and threats from terrorist organizations like Hamas were not present, implying that they were deterred by Trump’s leadership.

The South Carolina senator also expressed his hope for the Republican Party to recognize that the primary threat to conservatism is not Trump, but the liberal agenda being propagated by the Biden administration and its radical allies.

During a rally, Graham reiterated his support for Trump, expressing confidence in his ability to win in South Carolina again. He emphasized that this would pave the way to the presidency. In the 2020 election, Trump secured 55.1% of the votes in South Carolina compared to Biden’s 43.4%.

The senator also cited a poll where respondents believed Trump was more adept at managing the conflict between Israel and Hamas by an 11-point margin. Additionally, Trump held a 21-point lead over Biden on the question of who was better for the economy.