Youngkin Is Now Governor Of Virginia! – Ends The Teaching Of Critical Race Theory In State Schools

Addressing a crowd in Richmond, Virginia Saturday, Republican Glenn Youngkin gave his inaugural address as the 74th Governor of Virginia. Shortly after he banned the teaching of the controversial Critical Race Theory (CRT).

His speech confirmed his dedication to freedom and individual liberty and unity within the State of Virginia. Youngkin said, “Today we gather, not as individuals, nor as Republicans or Democrats, but today we gather as Virginians.”

Younkin went on to say “The will of the people grants a license to serve. A temporary license extended with trust, with hope, and with expectations to deliver on promises made. And therefore, as I reflect on my Virginia home and my love for this great nation and its founding principles, I am so humbled to be sworn in as the 74th governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

One of the main campaign promises made during his campaign was his commitment to parents having a say in their children’s future. Youngkin said “Parents should have a say in what is taught in school. To parents, I say we respect you.”

Youngkin went on to say “My fellow Virginians, the spirit of Virginia is alive and well. And together we will strengthen it. Together, we’ll renew the promise of Virginia, so it will be the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Youngkin recognized the challenges the state has faced throughout the pandemic and committed to a positive future saying, “Despite the continuing challenges posed by COVID-19, I see a path forward. Not to some pessimistic new normal, but to a new and better day.”

Youngkin addressed the divisive nature that has permeated politics stating that he welcomes all Virginians. “We stand here today to accept the license to lead, and will do so by including all and welcoming all. Because the future of Virginia belongs to all,” Youngkin said.

His speech concluded with “My fellow Virginians, we each have the power to make this commonwealth a better place. … What we can do together is truly limitless.” He finished his speech with the phrase, “It’s day one. Let’s get to work.”

Shortly after his inauguration, Fox News reported he set about signing 11 Executive Orders. Most notably was his ban on teaching Critical Race Theory in public schools.