Pelosi and Clinton Want A 9/11-Esque Investigation Into Jan. 6th – Rehash Tired Trump/Putin Conspiracy Theories

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke with Hilary Clinton during a recent episode of Clinton’s podcast (yes she has a podcast…it’s called “You and Me Both”). During that conversation, she spoke about the Capitol breach and went as far as to suggest President Trump was giving Russian President Vladimir Putin real-time updates.

With this as the backdrop, Pelosi went on to say that she would like to obtain Trump’s phone records and confirm this suspicion. “I would love to see his phone records to see if he was talking to Putin the day the insurgents invaded our Capitol,” Pelosi said.

Clinton then went on to ask if Pelosi would like to have a type of 9/11-type of a probe into the events of January 6th and the Capitol breach, and see if there are any ties between Trump and Putin.

Hilary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential race to Donald Trump. Since then Hilary Clinton has been an advocate in sustaining the debunked conspiracy theories regarding alleged ties between Trump and Putin. It seems Pelosi shares Clinton’s suspicions saying, “I don’t know what Putin has on him politically, financially or personally, but what happened last week was a gift to Putin because Putin wants to undermine democracy in our country and throughout the world.”

Pelosi went on to confirm her support for an investigative probe saying, “So yes, we should have a 9/11 commission and there is strong support in the Congress to do that.”