The Carnage Is Beginning: Terrorists Open Fire On Crowd In Afghanistan

On Wednesday, a crowd of protesters was fired upon by terrorists occupying Afghanistan, leaving two dead and a dozen injured according to reports.

According to the New York Times, “A public display of dissent in the northeastern city of Jalalabad was met by an overwhelming use of force. Taliban soldiers fired into the crowd and beat protesters and journalists.”

NBC’s Richard Engel tweeted, “Afghans demonstrate in Jalalabad in support of keeping Afghan flag (instead of white Taliban flag). Local media report Taliban fires on them, killing 2 and injured others.”


Early reports are saying two people have been killed and a dozen injured in the onslaught. This brutal response to a protest comes after the Taliban have seized weapons and military hardware left behind by Americans.

Before the rapid siege and fall of Kabul, Former Vice President Biden, who had earlier this year fallen up stairs to Air Force One, told the American public that there would not be a rapid siege and fall of Kabul.