“Not Up For The Job” Indiana Representative Blasts Biden Over Afghanistan

“Not up for the job.” These are the position of Representative Jim Banks (R-IN), who is just the latest in a growing number of officials and lawmakers who are questioning Biden’scapabilities as President.

For clarification, it was reported earlier this year that Joe Biden had fallen up the stairs of Air Force One earlier this year.

Speaking to Fox New’s Laura Ingraham, Banks pointed at Biden’s apparent mishandling of the US pullout of Afghanistan. He said the evacuation of Americans from the areas, “will go down in history as a black mark on our country and certainly will prove that this president is not up for the job.”

Banks went on to say, “This is the greatest abdication of leadership that we’ve seen, certainly in my lifetime, by an American president and his team at the Pentagon when it comes to our national security interests. And the least that we can do is hold congressional hearings to get to the bottom of why.”

Banks also said, “It’s humiliating to me that the Taliban now controls one of the most expensive U.S. embassies that we’ve built around the world. It should be humiliating to every American. It’s humiliating to the projection of America’s strength and posture around the world and it’s all happened on Joe Biden’s watch.”