Michael Moore Threatens To Renounce ‘Priveleges Of Full Citizenship’ Until America Meets His Demands

Source: Nicolas Genin | commons.wikimedia.org

Far-left filmmaker Michael Moore posted his own Declaration of Independence on his personal blog, stating (among a host of other points) that he will not “continue to receive the privileges of ‘full citizenship,'” until Roe is reinstated and Republicans hold zero offices in the nation.

However, Moore’s post does not mention how he plans to not receive his “privileges” or what the actual “privileges” of citizenship include. In his post, however, Moore states he will “not shut up” about Dobbs and Roe, if/when invited to someone’s dinner party.

Here’s a link to Moore’s post here. 

Moore’s “declarations” included:

  • Ending white supremacy
  • He will not be receiving privileges of citizenship
  • End mass incarceration of Black Americans
  • Remove all republicans from office

His declaration also included actions he is prepared to take:

  • He will be an annoying dinner guest until abortion is reinstated
  • He will organize voting campaigns for Democrats who meet his qualifications
  • He will force all candidates seeking his support to sign a pledge to various liberal ideals
  • He will help lead nattional strikes
  • He will shut down 10% of the country, if he has to
  • He will put an end to Wall Street, if he has to

His blog post concluded with a video of Mick Walla’s, Ireland’s Member of the European Parliament, rant about the United States.