After 13 Service Members Died – Biden Says He’ll “Hunt Down” Those Responsible

After hours of silence, Former Vice President Joe Biden (who had earlier this year fallen up the stairs of Air Force One), addressed the nation and spoke about the fallen soldiers who had died as a result of the chaos created by the Administration’s hasty withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

The attack on civilians, American-friendlies and US service members occurred Thursday afternoon, when two coordinated suicide bombs detonated, leaving at least 12 service members dead. This single-day loss of military life is the highest recorded in 10 years.

During the conference, Biden, appearing exhausted, noted that it has been a “tough day.” He then went on to say he is committed to “hunt down” ISIS-K (the terrorist group responsible for the attack).

Biden said, “They are part of the bravest, most capable, the best, selfless military on the face of the earth, and they are part of simply what I call the backbone of America. They are the spine of America — the best the country has to offer.”

The Former Vice President said, “We will not forgive, we will not forget,” he added. “We will hunt you down and make you pay. I’ve also told my commanders to attack ISIS-K assets. And we will respond with precision, at our time, at a place that we choose, and the moment of our choosing. Here’s what you need to know. These ISIS terrorists will not win.”

The President also went on to note that America is moving ahead with the evacuation. However, he noted that there may be some that will not be able to get out in time. He said, “I know of no conflict, as a student of history, no conflict when a war was ending one side was able to guarantee that everyone who wanted to be extracted from that country was able to get out.”