Reports Claim Biden Rejected Oct. Proposal For Free Rapid Tests, Biden Denies

Gage Skidmore

Responding to a topic brought up by a recent Vanity Fair article, Former Vice President Biden said the idea to call for widespread COVID testing wasn’t “rejected.”

As the Former Vice President was boarding Marine one, Biden was asked  if “his administration rejected a holiday testing surge.” To which Biden replied “We didn’t reject it.”

Biden promised, during a pre-Christmas speech, that he would provide testing kits numbering into the millions. He also said we wished he “had thought about ordering a half billion” months prior.

It was noted by Ari Fleisher, a contributor with Fox News, that Biden said he would deliver millions of testing kits back in September.

Vanity Fair’s article was tweeted with the caption “The Biden Administration Rejected an October Proposal for ‘Free Rapid Tests for the Holidays.”