Biden Finally Admits “There Is Not Federal Solution To The Pandemic” – Backtracks On Key Promises

Going against campaign promises and repeated claims that his administration would put an end to COVID, Former Vice President Joe Biden has admitted that there is no “federal solution” to end the pandemic.

Biden said, “Look, there is no federal solution. This gets solved at state level … and that ultimately gets down to where the rubber meets the road, and that’s where the patient is in need of help — or preventing the need for help.”

Biden went on to say, “My message to the governors is simple: if you need something, say something. We’re going to have your back in any way we can.”

Biden’s admission comes after a controversial Vanity Fair article that claims Biden had rejected a proposal in October that would have provided Americans with enough rapid COVID tests before the holidays.

Also, on December 6th, Jen Psaki smirked at the idea of making rapid in-home tests free for all Americans.