Another Democrat Blasts Biden, Calling For Trump-Era Border Policies To Be Reinstated

Gage Skidmore

As reports of illegal aliens biting ICE agents, attacking pilots, and hijacking busses on the rise, Former Hawaii congresswoman, Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, called for the reinstatement of Trump-era border policies, saying Joe’s policies are “a disaster.”

In multiple tweets, Gabbard highlighted how the border crisis is now a “humanitarian and national security crisis.” She also highlighted how Biden’s “disaster” is giving more opportunities to criminal and various threat elements to operate within the United States.

These tweets come during a time when American’s are being increasingly made aware of how just how big of a problem the border crisis is.

According to the Associated Press, “Haitians have been freed on a ‘very, very large scale’ in recent days, according to one U.S. official who put the figure in the thousands. The official, who has direct knowledge of operations, was not authorized to discuss the matter Tuesday and spoke on condition of anonymity.”

The report went on to say, “A second U.S. official, also with direct knowledge and speaking on the condition of anonymity, said large numbers of Haitians were being processed under immigration laws and not being placed on expulsion flights to Haiti that started Sunday. The releases in the U.S. were occurring despite the signaling of a massive effort to expel Haitians on flights to Haiti under pandemic-related authority that denies migrants an opportunity to seek asylum.”