AOC Humiliated At Townhall – ‘War Hawks,’ ‘You Are Voting For A Nuclear War With Russia and China’

NY Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) was shouted down during a town hall by audience members accusing the Democrat for moving the US closer to nuclear war.

A member of the audience can be heard saying, “Congresswoman, none of this matters if there is a nuclear war, which you voted to send arms and weapons to Ukraine. Tulsi Gabbard she’s left the Democratic party because they are a bunch of warhawks.”


He went on to say, “You are voting for a nuclear war with Russia and China. Why are you playing with the lives of American citizens?”

Another audience member shouts, “There will be no neighbors if there is a nuclear bomb. You voted to mobilize and send money to Ukrainian Nazis. You’re a coward. You’re a progressive socialist. Where are you against the war mobilization?

In late September, former President Trump urged the Biden administration to stay “calm,” in regard to tensions between Ukraine and Russia. He said the war “should have never have happened, and would definitely not have happened if (he) were President.” Trump then went on to offer to lead peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.