Biden Admin Spends $5 Billion on Charging Stations, Zero on Gas Stations

Photo by Ernest Ojeh on Unsplash

With most vehicles traversing the U.S. using fossil-fuel-powered engines, the Biden Administration is lending a helping hand to those with plug-in cars. However, the Epoch Times reported that the president is laser-focused on tackling the scarcity of charging stations across the country rather than addressing the record-high gas prices.

The U.S. Department of Transportation is funding more electric vehicle charging stations. Of the 50 states, California has the most charging stations with 13,452 and Alaska the least with 48. However, under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, $5 billion has been set aside for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program. One billion dollars will be dispersed annually over the next five years and split among the states.

Reportedly, the state must use the money for projects directly pertaining to charging facilities open to the public. The program aims to build a network of EV charging stations along interstates and other “alternative fuel corridors.”

The states must present a plan describing how they intend to use the funds. The “EV infrastructure deployment plan” must be submitted to the Federal Highway Administration by Aug. 1, 2022. States are currently working on plans and seeking public feedback on the “local placement” of charging stations.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg may withhold or withdraw funding from states if they fail to submit a plan in time or if they fail to take action to carry the plan out. In either case, the money could be given to another state.

The Epoch Times also noted a second round of funding in the form of competitive grants totaling $2.5 billion would be announced by the Department of Transportation later in 2022. These grants will focus on EV charging stations in rural areas and underserved comminutes.