Biden Admin Unveils Plans to Curb ‘Ghost Guns’ and Push Other Gun Control Agenda Items

President Joe Biden has directed the Department of Justice (DOJ) to issue an order that would curb the manufacturing and distribution of so-called “ghost guns.”

A ‘ghost gun’ is a firearm that can be built at home by buying unfinished gun kits that contain nearly all the required parts for a gun besides one or two key components, typically the frame or receiver. An individual could then purchase the parts necessary to complete their firearm allowing them to avoid background checks and legal registration of the firearm. 

The DOJ is already set to issue a mandate limiting stabilizing braces that turn pistols into short-barreled rifles. As well as publish a model for ‘red flag’ legislations that their hoping states will adopt.

‘Red flag’ laws allow family members or law enforcement officers the ability to appeal to a judge to bar a person from purchasing firearms in the future, as well as stripping them of firearms they’ve already legally acquired if they are alleged to be a danger to themselves or others. 

These announcements are just the beginning of a wave of gun control advocacy from the Biden administration in the wake of the recent mass shootings in Boulder, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia.