Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania Forces the State to Remove Over 20,000 Dead People From its Voter Rolls

Over 20,000 deceased voters were removed from Pennsylvania’s voter rolls after a settlement was reached in a lawsuit brought forth by the Public Interest Legal Foundation. 

The public interest group filed the lawsuit in January, alleging that 21,000 dead voters were on the state’s voter database during the 2020 presidential election. Pennsylvania agreed to compare its voter rolls with the Social Security Death Index, resulting in over 20,000 dead people being removed from the state’s voting database.

This marks an important victory for the integrity of elections in Pennsylvania,” the Public Interest Legal Foundation President said in a statement following the court’s decision.

The public interest group found that 9,212 of the dead voters have been dead for over five years, while just under 2,000 had been dead for over a decade

Department of State shall transmit to each county commission the names of the individuals registered in each respective county identified as deceased as a result of the comparison undertaken,” the settlement stipulates.

The Department of State is pleased that this agreement will offer Pennsylvania’s county boards of election another valuable tool to maintain the most accurate and up-to-date voter rolls possible,” the Department of State released in a statement after the court’s ruling.