Biden Condemns Attack on GOP Nominee for Governor, but Forgot to Mention the Attackers Quick Release

Gage Skidmore

On Friday, President Joe Biden condemned the attack on Rep. Lee Zeldin, the Republican nominee for governor of New York. The president called it an attack on democracy.

“I condemn the attack on Congressman Zeldin in the strongest of terms. As I have said before, violence has absolutely no place in our society or our politics.” Biden said in a statement.

He continued praising the individuals who exhibited courage, “immediately intervened,” and that Zeldin was unharmed.

Biden lauded law enforcement officers who “quickly took action” and are investigating the attack that “defies our fundamental democratic values.”

However, Biden didn’t mention the lenient handling of the perpetrator. He was charged with a felony – attempted assault in the second degree, arraigned in Perinton Town Court, and released.

Zeldin predicted that the suspect would be released and slammed New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and Democrat lawmakers for their soft-on-crime leadership.

Gerard Kassar, chair for the New York State Conservative Party, labeled the quick release of the attacker “a black mark for the state’s Democratic leaders.”

“Only in New York can someone attack a sitting congressman with a weapon and be back on the street within hours,” he said. “But that’s the state we live in under Governor Kathy Hochul and reckless, one-party Democrat rule.”

The chairman added that the attack could have been provoked by the governor’s campaign fanning the flames of partisan hatred against Zeldin. Kassar noted that Hochul’s campaign had allegedly issued an “angry hyperbolic dummy news advisory” steering protesters to Zeldin’s rally.