Biden Discards Trump’s Border Security Procedures

The Biden administration took several actions to overturn Trump’s illegal immigration procedures in the first days of the presidency. 

Biden signed numerous executive orders that temporarily suspended deportations of illegal immigrants, halted construction of the border wall, overturned Trump’s travel ban from countries that pose a terroristic threat, and sent an immigration package to Congress that would give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants already living within the US.

Studies have predicted that if amnesty is given to millions of illegal immigrants, each individual could bring as many as six family members into citizenship through chain migration. 

Biden also ordered Homeland Security to stop adding illegal immigrants to the Migrant Protection Protocol, frequently referred to as ‘Remain in Mexico.’ The program forced asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while their asylum case was decided. The program had been imposed to prevent illegal immigrants from entering into the US only to be released into the country with a court proceeding scheduled years after entering.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated that the administration considers immigration as a matter of ‘racial equity.’