Biden Offers $55 Billion To Africa To Atone For ‘Original Sin’ Of Slavery

During his visit to Africa, Joe Biden announced he (along with other G7 countries) was offering $55 billion to become more involved in the continent.

Biden made his comments during while meeting with African leaders during a summit.

Biden used America’s history of slavery to justify the large expenditure of American taxpayer’s money. He said giving away billions of dollars is a way of atoning for, what Biden characterized as, America’s “original sin.”

Biden said, “We remember the stolen men and women and children who were brought to our shores in chains, subjected to unimaginable cruelty.” He went on to say, “My nation’s original sin was that period. We honor their descendants, who our generations have — for generations have helped build this country and propel it to higher heights, leading the charge, blazing new trails, and forging a better future for everyone in America.”

During his speech, Biden highlighted how the donations could be used to “help South Africa replace coal-fired power plants with renewable energy sources.”

He went on to say he wants to help Africa “develop cutting edge energy solutions like clean hydrogen, a deal worth $2 billion to build solar energy projects in Angola, $600 million high-speed communications cables that will connect Southeast Asia to Europe via Egypt and the Horn of Africa and help bring high-speed internet connectivity to countries all along the way.”

In recent years, countries such as China and Russia have intentionally increased their influence in Africa, leaving America at a disadvantage. Biden’s speech was highly criticized online, with many noting how such spending would be a reckless and could involve the US paying adversaries directly or indirectly.