Musk Blasts Dem. Senator Mark Kelly While Teasing New Revelations Over Fauci

Over the weekend Elon Musk set the internet on fire after a round of tweets targeting pronoun-use and Dr. Fauci.

On Sunday, Elon teased a new round of “Twitter Files” by stating “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci.” The comments were criticized by the left for using pronouns to target Fauci.

Elon responded to Democratic Senator Scott Kelly in a blunt and blistering response. Scott Kelly said to Musk, “Elon, please don’t mock and promote hate toward already marginalized and at-risk-of-violence members of the #LBTQ+ community. They are real people with real feelings. Furthermore, Dr. Fauci is a dedicated public servant whose sole motivation was saving lives.”

Musk responded to Kelly saying” I strongly disagree. Forcing your pronouns upon others when the didn’t ask, and implicitly ostracizing those who don’t, is neither good nor kind to anyone.” Musk continued by saying, “As for Fauci, he lied to Congress and funded gain-of-function research that killed millions of people. Not awesome imo.”

The “spicy” exchange between the two prompted Tesla investor Dave Lee to ask “Will this be explained in a new Twitter Files part?” Musk then answered, “Yes.”

Particularly since the beginning of the pandemic, Fauci has been revered by many on the left, often referring to him as the personification of “science.” This has lead to a Fauci amassing a large group of supporters and defenders, including the media.

Since taking the House in the midterms, Republicans have pledged to investigate Fauci and his role in gain-of-function research in the Chinese Wuhan laboratory. Outspoken critic of Fauci said on Thursday, Republicans will continue questioning the outgoing NIH director, demanding he be held accountable.