Bizarre Economics: Biden Uses Beanie Babies 90’s-Fad To Explain Current Supply Chain Crisis

Gage Skidmore

In an effort to try to draw attention away from his administration’s role in the current supply chain crisis, Former Vice President Biden evoked memories of nostalgic 80’s and 90’s toy crazes, saying shortages are similar to times when popular toys were sold out.

Biden began by telling the American people that the shortages are experiencing and witnessing isn’t really happening. In fact, the President went on to claim “those shelves are going to be stocked.”

Biden said “If you’ve watched the news recently, you might think the shelves in all our stores are empty across the country, that parents won’t be able to get presents for their children on holidays — this holiday season. But here’s the deal: For the vast majority of the country, that’s not what’s happening. Because of the actions the administration has taken in partnership with business and labor, retailers and grocery stores, freight movers and railroads, those shelves are going to be stocked.”

Staying away from actual economic principles and governmental policies, Biden went on to say supply chain crises happen every year. And, American’s should not see a shortage of goods as a shortage of goods. Rather, Americans need to see it more like a passing toy-fad from the 80’s and 90’s.

“Now, I can’t promise that every person will get every gift they want on time. Only Santa Claus can keep that promise. But there are items every year that sell out, that are hard to find. Some of you moms and dads may remember Cabbage Patch Kids back in the ‘80s or Beanie Babies in the ‘90s, or other toys that have run out at Christmas time in past years when there was no supply chain problem,” Biden said.